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The importance of getting a reliable property valuation

Metta Stockman


When selling your property, obtaining a reliable valuation is the first and one of the most critical steps. An accurate market valuation provides an informed estimate of your home’s worth, helping you set a realistic asking price. It also protects both buyers and sellers from making decisions based on inaccurate information.

Several factors influence your property’s value, including location, condition, features, current market conditions, and the broader economy. Here’s why a reliable property valuation matters and how to get one.


Getting a property valuation

Many websites offer free online valuations, but not all of these tools provide realistic or reliable results.

For the most accurate information, schedule your free in-person valuation with a TSPC solicitor estate agent. Our solicitors have extensive local knowledge and experience in the property market, ensuring you get a realistic assessment of your home’s worth quickly.

Your TSPC solicitor estate agent will work with local surveyors experienced in the market to arrange your Home Report and valuation. The final decisions on asking price and market value are typically guided by the insights of both the selling agent and the surveyor, leveraging their combined knowledge and experience.


What could happen if you don’t get an accurate valuation?

  • You could lose money: Undervaluing your property might result in selling for less than its worth, causing you to miss out on thousands of pounds. Selling a home is both an emotional and financial decision, and a low sale price can impact your future purchasing power.


  • Longer time to sell: Overvaluing your property can lead to it staying on the market longer, attracting less interest, and being harder to sell. An unrealistic asking price can deter prospective buyers, leading to fewer viewings and potential price drops.


  • Increased risk of sale falling through: Mortgage lenders often conduct their own valuations. If their valuation is lower than expected and the buyer relies on mortgage finance, this can affect their ability to pay the offer price or proceed with the purchase.


  • Potential loss of your desired property: Most sellers are also looking to buy. If your property takes too long to sell due to an inaccurate valuation, it can affect your ability to purchase another home. Sellers, especially those in a chain, may not wait for your property to sell, causing delays or even losing out on your next home.


  • More stressful sale process: Selling a property can be stressful, and the issues mentioned above can add unnecessary worry. Proper preparation and guidance from your TSPC member solicitor estate agent can help you avoid these pitfalls, making the sale process smoother and more rewarding.


Key takeaways

Obtaining a reliable property valuation is crucial for a successful sale. It ensures you set a realistic asking price, attract potential buyers, and avoid unnecessary stress. Trusting experienced professionals like TSPC member solicitor estate agents can help you navigate the process effectively and achieve the best outcome.

Discover the true value of your property with no obligation. Schedule your free in-person valuation with a TSPC solicitor estate agent today.