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Using a Home Report when buying a property

Metta Stockman


In Scotland, every property listed for sale must have a Home Report available for potential buyers. Here’s everything you need to know about using a Home Report when buying a property and how to leverage them in your property search:


What is a Home Report?

Comprising three main sections, a Home Report provides comprehensive insights into a property’s condition, energy efficiency, and essential details:

  1. Single survey: Conducted by a surveyor, this report assesses the property’s internal and external condition, including a valuation. It may also include a Mortgage Valuation Report for lenders.
  2. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): Offers details on the property’s energy efficiency rating, environmental impact, estimated energy costs, and recommendations for improvement.
  3. Property questionnaire: Completed by the seller or their agents, this questionnaire provides valuable information for prospective buyers, offering insights into the property’s history and features.


Key considerations

  • Home Report Valuation: The valuation sets seller expectations and serves as a benchmark for buyers. Market conditions and property interest can influence the eventual sale price, but the Home Report valuation offers clarity.
  • Single survey category repairs: Categorised as 1, 2, or 3, these ratings indicate the urgency of repairs or replacements needed. Understanding these categories helps assess potential costs and prioritize maintenance.
  • Home Report energy rating: While often overlooked, the energy rating impacts running costs and environmental sustainability. Consider the implications of a low energy rating on expenses and potential improvements.
  • Factoring and council tax costs: Details on council tax bands and factoring costs aid budget planning. Verify this information for accuracy and consider its impact on your financial planning. Find out more about Dundee City Council tax bands here,¬†and Angus Council tax bands here.


By thoroughly examining these aspects of a Home Report, you can make informed decisions when assessing a property’s suitability. For free expert guidance on navigating the home-buying process in Scotland, speak to a TSPC solicitor estate agent today.