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Buying a renovation home

Metta Stockman


In the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, the dream of buying a first home may seem out of reach for many. Adjustments in lenders’ affordability criteria and tighter budgets can hinder plans for the ideal home. However, there’s a solution that allows aspiring homeowners to find a property that meets their needs at an affordable price: buying a renovation home.


The appeal of buying a renovation home

While the prospect of purchasing a fixer-upper may intimidate some first-time buyers, strategic planning can turn these properties into hidden gems. Renovation homes offer the opportunity to create a dream home within a realistic budget, often at a lower price point due to their condition. Moreover, these properties may not attract as much attention in the market, presenting an opportunity to secure a bargain during challenging economic times.


Tips for success

1. Search with an open mind: Look beyond the initial appearance of properties and focus on their potential. Consider the transformation possibilities and envision the home of your dreams.

2. Assess structural integrity: Prioritise properties with a solid structure to ensure renovations can be done within budget. Review the Home Report carefully with guidance from your solicitor estate agent.

3. Location matters: Opt for properties in desirable neighbourhoods, even if they require sprucing up. Remember, while you can change the home’s features, you can’t alter its location.

4. Budget-friendly makeovers: Explore cost-effective renovation options such as painting cabinets, updating hardware, or refreshing tiles. Utilise online resources and learn from renovation stories shared by experienced homeowners.


Ready to begin your renovation journey?

Start your search for a renovation home today and unlock the potential of your dream property.


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