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Understanding fixed price listings

Metta Stockman


In a Scottish property market characterised by competitive bidding and fluctuating house prices, the landscape for sellers is evolving. Take a closer look at the increase of fixed price listings and their implications for both sellers and buyers:


Changing market dynamics in Scotland

Gone are the days of widespread overbidding and premium sale prices. While headlines once highlighted inflated property valuations, the market is now experiencing a shift towards more realistic pricing, aligning closer with Home Report valuations.


Benefits of Fixed Price listings

  • Instant budget indicator: Opting for a fixed price listing provides sellers with a clear understanding of their property’s value. This streamlines budgeting for onward purchases and speeds up the search for a new home.
  • Potential for speedier sale: Fixed price properties appeal to buyers seeking swift transactions, bypassing the complexities of closing dates and bidding wars. A straightforward offer and acceptance process can speed up the sale, making sellers more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Stand-out property: In a competitive market, a fixed price listing can distinguish your property from others, attracting buyers with its transparent pricing and streamlined transaction process.


Embracing fixed price listings

While traditional offers-over pricing may still have its place, embracing fixed price listings offers sellers a viable alternative, particularly in slower markets. Refreshing online listings with fixed prices signals a commitment to selling and speeds up the journey to securing your next dream home.


Trusting your solicitor estate agent

Guided by the expertise of a TSPC solicitor estate agent, sellers can navigate the intricacies of pricing strategies with confidence. Leveraging local market insights, TSPC solicitor estate agents tailor pricing approaches to individual properties and market conditions. This ensures an optimal outcome for the seller.


In summary, don’t overlook the potential benefits of fixed price listings in today’s Scottish property market.

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