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TSPC helps first-time buyers achieve homeownership dream

Metta Stockman


As lifelong renters, Kirsty and Sandie thought buying a home was out of reach. However, with the support and advice from TSPC and our First-Time Buyers Evening, they were able to make their dream of homeownership a reality.

Read their story to find out how it all happened.


Overcoming challenges in a tough market

Like many, we faced significant challenges in our journey to buy a home. The cost of living crisis and increased mortgage rates made us feel that homeownership was impossible. Although inheritance money from our grandparents gave us some hope, we still felt uncertain about navigating the property market.


A game-changing first-time buyers event

The turning point came when we attended a free event hosted by TSPC to help first-time buyers. This event was truly a game-changer for us. We felt like we had nothing to lose, and it turns out we had everything to gain. Without the advice we got at the event, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

At the event, we connected with key players in the property market, including TSPC property experts, mortgage brokers, and solicitors. Each professional we met provided crucial guidance and support.


Key moments in our first-time buyer journey

Two pivotal moments defined our path to homeownership:

  1. Attending the TSPC First-time Buyers Evening: This event opened up opportunities and introduced us to essential contacts.
  2. Working with a mortgage broker: The expertise of a mortgage broker helped us realise how much we could afford, making the dream of owning a home more tangible.


Navigating the home buying process

We learned important aspects of home buying, such as life insurance and estate planning, through our solicitor. Our best advice to other first-time buyers is to prepare for additional expenses beyond the deposit. Budgeting for solicitors, mortgage brokers, and other associated costs is crucial. Unlike renting, where the process is relatively streamlined, purchasing a home involves a myriad of legalities such as solicitors and wills. Being financially prepared for these expenses ensures a smoother transition into homeownership.


Advice from TSPC for first-time buyers

Angela Wallace, Centre and Operations Manager of TSPC, offers further advice to first-time buyers: “Embarking on the journey of homeownership begins with taking those crucial first steps. Speak to a mortgage advisor to understand your borrowing capacity and determine the size of deposit required. Engage with a solicitor agent who can guide you through the process, providing insights on market trends and assisting with offers. Be thorough in your search, and don’t hesitate to ask your solicitor agent to clarify any uncertainties in the Home Report.

“And remember, amidst the excitement and challenges, take a moment to cherish the process—purchasing your first home is a significant achievement worthy of celebration.”

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, TSPC hosts regular events for first-time buyers that offer free expert advice.