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What are Scotland’s new rules for gas boilers?

Metta Stockman


If you’ve heard about Scotland’s new rules for gas boilers, which include a ban starting in 2024, you might be wondering what to do next. This move is part of a larger effort by the Scottish Government to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, aiming to eliminate direct emissions from heating buildings by 2045. With heating accounting for about a fifth of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions, finding greener alternatives is crucial.


Is my gas boiler banned in 2024?

Starting April 1, 2024, new standards will primarily affect buyers of new-build properties and some other property types. These buyers would have been informed about the necessary changes or permissions for their properties.


What other eco-friendly changes should I be aware of?

  • Privately rented homes: Must meet a minimum energy standard by 2028.
  • Owner-occupied homes: Must meet the same standard by 2033.


What are the alternatives to gas boilers?

By 2045, all homes in Scotland must switch to zero-emissions heating systems, such as:

  • Heat pumps: Efficient and eco-friendly.
  • District heating networks: Shared heating systems for multiple properties.

Homes purchased before 2045 will have a grace period of two to five years to convert to a zero-emissions system, with some exemptions.


When are gas boilers being phased out in Scotland?

The phase-out of fossil fuel boilers, initially planned for 2025, has been delayed to at least 2028. From April 1, 2024, new-build homes will no longer install gas boilers, and some other buildings will require a warrant to do so. These will be replaced with zero direct emissions heating systems like heat pumps.


How much will it cost to replace my gas boiler?

Replacing a gas boiler with a heat pump typically costs around £10,000. However, the Scottish Government offers grants of £7,500 and interest-free loans to cover the remaining expenses. Clarity on what happens if a gas boiler breaks down and when a homeowner must install a zero-emissions system is still pending.


For further information and to stay updated on the latest changes, visit the Scottish Government’s website.