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How to add value to your home

Metta Stockman


Whether you plan to sell your home soon or stay put for a few years, high-quality home improvements can add value to your home and often cost less than moving.  We’ve highlighted some key ways to enhance your property’s appeal.


Focus on fixing issues

Buyers are often deterred by minor repairs left undone. Replace cracked floor or wall tiles, fix leaky taps, patch up any holes and cracks in walls or ceilings, replace lightbulbs, and repaint the front door. Swapping cabinet or door handles is another quick win.


Create an open-plan living area

Open-plan kitchen/living/dining spaces are highly sought after. This design can add a wow factor and photographs well for marketing materials, especially with wide-opening doors to the garden. If you’re investing in a new extension, an open-plan space can maximise your investment. Consider adding a generous roof window to bring sunlight into your home and reconnect your house with the garden.


Consider a loft conversion

A loft conversion can significantly add value, particularly if it creates an extra bedroom with an en suite. A simple loft conversion can be completed in four to five weeks and is one of the least disruptive types of extension. More complex projects may take several months and may require planning permission.


Upgrade the bathroom

Wet rooms and shower rooms are popular, but a bath can still add value. Removing the bath might put off potential buyers who prefer having one. Balance modern trends with traditional comforts to appeal to a broader range of buyers.


Enhance the exterior

First impressions matter. Improve kerb appeal by cutting the grass, repainting faded or flaking window frames, trimming bushes, removing weeds, and ensuring the house number is clearly visible. A well-maintained garden can be as important to buyers as an office or a second bedroom. Create a private area in the garden to help buyers imagine their own secluded space. Simple garden furniture can enhance this effect, creating an inviting outdoor living area.


Add a garden room

While a garden room may not add as much value as a traditional extension or loft conversion, it requires less time and investment. A dedicated office space is increasingly essential due to the rise in hybrid working. Other popular uses for garden rooms include games rooms, home gyms, yoga studios, or small cinema areas.


Implementing these improvements can help add value to your home, making it more attractive to prospective buyers and potentially boosting your sale price.

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