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Downsizing guide

Metta Stockman


Is it time to downsize?

Recent studies indicate that downsizing is becoming increasingly popular among the UK’s older population. As children leave home and the cost of living rises, you might be considering a move to a smaller property.

Maintaining a family-sized home can become overwhelming, and in the long run, it may only get more challenging. If these concerns resonate with you, it might be time to seriously consider downsizing. We understand this is a significant decision, so here are some questions to help guide your thoughts.


What’s important to you?

While a larger family home may have been ideal in the past, it’s crucial to reassess your current priorities. If you’d rather spend your time and money on activities you enjoy rather than on home maintenance, downsizing could be the perfect solution.

Reflect on your current living situation and how much space you actually need. Consider your future needs: will your current home’s size and location remain suitable? Would it be more practical to live closer to family, public transport, and healthcare facilities? Prioritising future needs over current wants can help ensure a more comfortable and convenient living arrangement.


Why is downsizing a good idea?

Ease of maintenance: Larger homes naturally require more upkeep. From general repairs to frequent cleaning, maintaining a big house can be exhausting. Moving to a smaller home means easier management and can help you maintain independent living.

Unused space: If your children have moved out, you might find yourself with many unused rooms. Downsizing to a smaller home eliminates this wasted space and can make your living environment more efficient and cosy.

Financial sustainability: Downsizing often makes sense for financial reasons. Retirement, reduced working hours, or fewer household members contributing to bills can strain your budget. A smaller home can offer a more sustainable living arrangement with lower expenses.


What next?

Deciding to downsize is never easy, especially when it means leaving a family home filled with memories. Discuss your thoughts with family and friends, and take the time to weigh your options carefully. This thoughtful approach will help ensure that your decision supports a happier and more manageable lifestyle.

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